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Process Description

When client executives get frustrated due to a lengthy IT outage or mishandled incident, the service provider's executives typically get involved to manage the crisis. Timely engagement and accurate communications are necessary to recover from a service failure and to maintain client loyalty.

MSP Module 03f, Escalation Management, provides the process framework for ensuring timely and effective communications with client executives during a critical incident. The goal is to recover quickly from a service failure to maintain client loyalty and retention. This process module covers management engagement, ongoing incident management, and escalation closeout. Typically, this process is executed in tandem with Tier 2 Incident Resolution, which covers troubleshooting and service restoration.

This module consists of the Module Overview Diagram plus 4 pages of detailed process maps personalized for your company.

  • Improved communications with client executives, reducing frustration over mishandled incidents
  • Effective recovery from service failures
  • Greater client satisfaction with escalated incidents

Included with your first Service Blueprint Brick for a series:

  • Life Cycle Diagram depicting process modules for the service offering
  • Tutorial on "How to read a Service Blueprint"
  • Kaizen-based guide on "How to deploy a Service Blueprint module"

Included with each Service Blueprint Brick:

  • 11x17 and Legal  PDF versions (A3 version for international clients)
  • Detail Report (describing roles, systems, documents, and KPIs for the module)
  • Task Report (listing all of the onstage and backstage tasks in the process module)
  • Personalization with your logo, roles, and service automation systems

Additional features for Service Blueprint Subscription clients:

  • Editable native MS Visio version of the Service Blueprint
  • Accompanying AntFarm tools and templates such as agendas, project plans, planning tools
  • Access to online Service Blueprint training
Entry Conditions
Exit Conditions
Process Topics
KPIs / Metrics

The goals of this process are to:

  • Ensure effective and timely communications with client executives during a critical incident
  • Ensure company resources are aligned to resolve incident in the most expeditious manner
  • Recover effectively from a service failure to maintain client loyalty and retention
  • Escalate for management involvement when internal service levels are not met

At the onset of this process:

  • Prolonged resolution of a high priority incident or service request, with a potential SLA breach
  • Potential customer satisfaction issue with incident / request resolution
  • Client is unsatisfied with incident / request resolution
  • A Functional Escalation of a service ticket has occurred and the supporting organization is not responsive to the incident owner

Upon completion of this process:

  • Client primary contact confirms issue is resolved
  • Determination is made as to whether a Post Incident Review is required
  • Management follow-up and assessment of client loyalty / retention is completed

This process module includes these sub-processes:

  • 03f.01 Management Engagement
  • 03f.02 Client Perception Management
  • 03f.03 Ongoing Incident Management
  • 03f.04 Escalation Closeout and Follow-up
  • 03f.05 Internal or Supplier Hierarchical Escalation

These metrics and KPIs provide an indication of process performance:

  • Client Loyalty / Promoter Score
  • Client Retention Rate
  • Client Satisfaction - Periodic Relationship Survey
  • Client Satisfaction - Service Escalations

Process Overview Diagram