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Process Description

Once the Solution Design and Implementation Plan are complete, it is imperative to get the client’s approval of these documents before moving forward.

Sign off for these documents commits the client and sets the stage for scope and change management downstream – any changes to the approved design and implementation plan represent a change order. Without an approved benchmark, it becomes more difficult for the provider to recover costs when the client introduces new requirements (and they will).

This review is also the final opportunity to address any changes in scope from the original agreement – changes that resulted from a more thorough understanding of the client’s environment and needs.

Module 03d, Plan Review and Approval, begins with a project team review and validation of the design and implementation plan. The review familiarizes the project team with both the future state solution design and the implementation plan before they begin work on actual implementation. Once the documents are updated with internal feedback, they are presented to the client for comments and approval. The module closes with client approval of the final plan documents and any necessary contract changes.

This module consists of the Module Overview Diagram plus 5 pages of detailed process maps personalized for your company.

  • Solution Design is validated prior to the build
  • Project team and client are familiar with the plan; they are on the same page
  • Benchmark established for future project scope management

Included with your first Service Blueprint Brick for a series:

  • Life Cycle Diagram depicting process modules for the service offering
  • Tutorial on "How to read a Service Blueprint"
  • Kaizen-based guide on "How to deploy a Service Blueprint module"

Included with each Service Blueprint Brick:

  • 11x17 and Legal  PDF versions (A3 version for international clients)
  • Detail Report (describing roles, systems, documents, and KPIs for the module)
  • Task Report (listing all of the onstage and backstage tasks in the process module)
  • Personalization with your logo, roles, and service automation systems

Additional features for Service Blueprint Subscription clients:

  • Editable native MS Visio version of the Service Blueprint
  • Accompanying AntFarm tools and templates such as agendas, project plans, planning tools
  • Access to online Service Blueprint training
Entry Conditions
Exit Conditions
Process Topics
KPIs / Metrics

The goals of this process are to:

  • Validate the solution design and implementation plan
  • Ensure the client and project team have a thorough understanding of the plan
  • Obtain client approval of the design and project plan
  • Obtain client approval of the Project Change Order resulting from the planning process

At the onset of this process:

  • Draft Solution Design is complete
  • Draft Implementation Plan is complete

Upon completion of this process:

  • Project team and client have been briefed on the design and implementation plan
  • Solution Design, Implementation Plan, and Project Schedule are updated (if required) and approved by the client
  • Project administrative procedures have been approved by the client
  • Project Change Order for any resulting contract changes has been approved by the client
  • Design and planning documents are now under change control

This process module includes these sub-processes:

  • 03d.01 Project Team Design & Plan Review
  • 03d.02 Client Design & Plan Review
  • 03d.03 Planning Document Update and Client Approval

These metrics and KPIs provide an indication of process performance:

  • Business Impact of Technology Deployment On The Client
  • Compliance With Project Methodology
  • Incomplete Design Elements
  • Incomplete Project Plan Elements
  • On-time Project Milestones
  • Rework Resulting From Solution Design Errors

Process Overview Diagram