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It is important for the provider’s project team to be able to disengage from a client once transition to support is complete. However, as with all projects, an IT project has the potential to become drawn out if not closed properly, impeding the ability of the service organization to focus on the next client.

It is also important to capture lessons learned and client feedback immediately after completion of a project so they can be used to improve the experience for the next client.

PROJECT Module 11a, Project Closeout, describes the final session with the client where the project manager discusses project outcomes with the client sponsor and hands over project deliverables. The goal of this session is signoff of the technology implementation project.

Client feedback from this session is then combined with internal observations to create Lessons Learned for the Continual Service Improvement process.

Lastly, the project manager closes the project in back office systems.

This module consists of the Module Overview Diagram plus 6 pages of detailed process maps personalized for your company.

  • Project team is disengaged, freeing them to work on new projects
  • Mutually agreed upon plan for resolving the remaining post go-live issues increases client satisfaction with the experience

Included with your first Service Blueprint Brick for a series:

  • Life Cycle Diagram depicting process modules for the service offering
  • Tutorial on "How to read a Service Blueprint"
  • Kaizen-based guide on "How to deploy a Service Blueprint module"

Included with each Service Blueprint Brick:

  • 11x17 and Legal  PDF versions (A3 version for international clients)
  • Detail Report (describing roles, systems, documents, and KPIs for the module)
  • Task Report (listing all of the onstage and backstage tasks in the process module)
  • Personalization with your logo, roles, and service automation systems

Additional features for Service Blueprint Subscription clients:

  • Editable native MS Visio version of the Service Blueprint
  • Accompanying AntFarm tools and templates such as agendas, project plans, planning tools
  • Access to online Service Blueprint training
Entry Conditions
Exit Conditions
Process Topics
KPIs / Metrics

The goals of this process are to:

  • Conduct a final review with the client and obtain project sign-off
  • Obtain client perspective on project accomplishments
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction with project results
  • Identify Lessons Learned for future service improvement
  • Archive project documents and close the project in internal systems

At the onset of this process:

  • Client is transitioned onto remote support
  • Issues assigned to the project team have been resolved
  • Displaced client technology has been prepared for disposition or reuse

Upon completion of this process:

  • Project Closeout Session is complete and client has signed off on the project
  • Lessons Learned are compiled and submitted for Continual Service Improvement
  • Final project documentation is archived
  • The project is closed out in {Pro Svcs Auto}

This process module includes these sub-processes:

  • 11a.01 Closeout Preparation
  • 11a.02 Billing Review
  • 11a.03 Project Closeout Session
  • 11a.04 Lessons Learned
  • 11a.05 Administrative Closeout
  • 11a.06 Sales Follow-up on Adoption and Optimization

These metrics and KPIs provide an indication of process performance:

  • Actual vs. Planned Effort
  • Actual vs. Planned Schedule
  • Client Satisfaction - Project Management
  • Compliance With Project Methodology
  • Lessons Learned Completion Rate
  • On-time Project Milestones

Process Overview Diagram