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Maximizing the value delivered to the business by Marketing and Sales resources is a top priority for every company. Unfortunately, sometimes these teams work at cross purposes, resulting in wasted time and effort. Marketing efforts generate large numbers of leads, but many of them are not a fit or not likely to buy. Sales representatives then expend too much time following up on leads that have a low probability of a win.

SALES Module 02a, Marketing Qualification, focuses on improving alignment between Marketing and Sales teams by ensuring that leads presented to sales are prioritized for the highest likelihood of a closed sale.

Leads are “Marketing Qualified” for alignment with the target market (fit) and their level of interest in the provider’s solutions (engagement). With a narrowed list of leads, Sales generates a greater ROI by focusing on the most promising candidates. This module addresses initial processing of leads from inbound and outbound marketing programs and then discusses scoring leads for fit and engagement. Those leads which meet a pre-defined criteria, agreed upon between Marketing and Sales, are forwarded to Sales for action.

This module consists of the Module Overview Diagram plus 6 pages of detailed process maps personalized for your company.

  • Marketing and Sales are aligned to deliver value to the business
  • Leads presented to sales have a higher quality, more likely resulting in a sale

Included with your first Service Blueprint Brick for a series:

  • Life Cycle Diagram depicting process modules for the service offering
  • Tutorial on "How to read a Service Blueprint"
  • Kaizen-based guide on "How to deploy a Service Blueprint module"

Included with each Service Blueprint Brick:

  • 11x17 and Legal  PDF versions (A3 version for international clients)
  • Detail Report (describing roles, systems, documents, and KPIs for the module)
  • Task Report (listing all of the onstage and backstage tasks in the process module)
  • Personalization with your logo, roles, and service automation systems

Additional features for Service Blueprint Subscription clients:

  • Editable native MS Visio version of the Service Blueprint
  • Accompanying AntFarm tools and templates such as agendas, project plans, planning tools
  • Access to online Service Blueprint training
Entry Conditions
Exit Conditions
Process Topics
KPIs / Metrics

The goals of this process are to:

  • Improve alignment between sales and marketing
  • Build a pipeline of quality leads for outbound prospecting
  • Improve sales efficiency by prioritizing leads for action

At the onset of this process:

  • Criteria for Lead Scoring and a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) have been agreed upon between Marketing and Sales
  • Goals for qualified leads have been established
  • Inbound or Outbound Marketing activities have generated leads

Upon completion of this process:

  • Companies and contacts from marketing activities and business lists are imported into {CRM}
  • Companies that do not meet the Market Fit criteria are characterized as {Not a Fit}
  • Companies that meet Market Fit and Engagement criteria are characterized as Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Companies that meet Market Fit criteria, but not Engagement criteria, are recycled for future evaluation
  • Sales activities have been created for outbound prospecting to Marketing Qualified Leads

This process module includes these sub-processes:

  • 02a.01 Lead List Acquisition and Import
  • 02a.02 Outbound Marketing Lead Processing
  • 02a.03 Inbound Marketing Lead Processing
  • 02a.04 Lead Scoring and Marketing Qualification
  • 02a.05 Lead Scoring Criteria Development
  • 02a.06 Ongoing Results Analysis and Feedback

These metrics and KPIs provide an indication of process performance:

  • Client Acquisition Cost
  • Conversion Ratio: Lead to Closed-Won
  • Marketing ROI
  • Pipeline Size (# opportunities)
  • Sales Cycle Time
  • Sales ROI

Process Overview Diagram