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Process Description

The qualification stage of the sales opportunity lifecycle is focused on raising prospect awareness of Managed Services as a potential solution to their IT service management challenges and on qualifying the prospect - determining whether they are a fit and if the opportunity will likely result in a win. The MSP also begins to position themselves as someone who can successfully address the prospect's business challenges.

SALES Module 06a, Qualification (MSP), addresses qualification of potential Managed Services opportunities. It begins with the introductory appointment with the prospect, where their business goals are explored and Managed Services are positioned as a potential solution. If it makes sense to continue the dialog, the prospect's IT buying practices are discussed, with the goal of qualifying the prospect for proposal development. The objective is to disqualify early, thus avoiding sales effort with no expectation of return.

Once the prospect is qualified, the sales representative reviews next steps for discovery and proposal development. If an IT Assessment is appropriate to help the prospect understand the current state of their IT environment, it is introduced at this time.

This module consists of the Module Overview Diagram plus 5 pages of detailed process maps personalized for your company.

  • Early disqualification reduces overall cost of sales
  • You uncover prospect concerns, allowing you to tailor your message
  • Prospect is aware that you are able to address their IT management needs

Included with your first Service Blueprint Brick for a series:

  • Life Cycle Diagram depicting process modules for the service offering
  • Tutorial on "How to read a Service Blueprint"
  • Kaizen-based guide on "How to deploy a Service Blueprint module"

Included with each Service Blueprint Brick:

  • 11x17 and Legal  PDF versions (A3 version for international clients)
  • Detail Report (describing roles, systems, documents, and KPIs for the module)
  • Task Report (listing all of the onstage and backstage tasks in the process module)
  • Personalization with your logo, roles, and service automation systems

Additional features for Service Blueprint Subscription clients:

  • Editable native MS Visio version of the Service Blueprint
  • Accompanying AntFarm tools and templates such as agendas, project plans, planning tools
  • Access to online Service Blueprint training
Entry Conditions
Exit Conditions
Process Topics
KPIs / Metrics

The goals of this process are to:

  • Determine prospect's perception of IT as a strategic asset
  • Determine perception of current IT risks and gaps
  • Increase awareness of the relationship between IT management and business goals
  • Qualify the opportunity to avoid unnecessary cost of sales

At the onset of this process:

  • Prospect has been identified that has a business problem that can be solved through Managed Services
  • Prospect has been screened and meets basic requirements to be a potential client (market qualified)
  • Initial appointment set up
  • Company set up in {CRM} with type {Prospect}
  • Opportunity created with an initial stage of {Lead}

Upon completion of this process:

  • Prospect has been deemed unqualified and the opportunity has been closed (or)
  • Prospect has met the required criteria to be considered a qualified opportunity and the opportunity stage is set to {Qualified}
  • A Sales Activity for Discovery has been created and Discovery has been scheduled
  • IT Assessment Statement of Work has been approved by the prospect (if appropriate)
  • Prospect has been enrolled in the appropriate Nurture Marketing program

This process module includes these sub-processes:

  • 06a.01 Preparation
  • 06a.02 Introductory Appointment
  • 06a.03 Qualification
  • 06a.04 Not A Fit At This Time

These metrics and KPIs provide an indication of process performance:

  • Conversion Ratio: Lead to Closed-Won
  • New Clients
  • Pipeline Size (# opportunities)
  • Sales Cycle Time
  • Sales ROI
  • Stale Opportunities

Process Overview Diagram