Process Overview Diagram

The first page in each of each Service Blueprint Brick is a process overview diagram that defines the objectives and boundary conditions for a process module.  This diagram is sets expectations for the reader for what ingredients are required to execute the process (its inputs) and what the process delivers (its outputs).

(For those of you with a Six Sigma background, you may recognize this as a SIPOC diagram for the elements that appear across the bottom: SUPPLIER – INPUT – PROCESS – OUTPUT – CUSTOMER)

Process Objectives and KPIs

In the top center, are the process objectives and Key Performance Indicators for this module. Process objectives identify what you are trying to achieve in this module. KPIs are the metrics which will help you to determine whether the process is meeting the stated objectives. The KPIs are described in the Detail Report which accompanies the Service Blueprint module.

Process Inputs

The left-hand side of the diagram shows what goes into the process - the entry, or trigger, conditions for the process and the inputs. Also shows are the "suppliers" for these inputs, whether they are individual roles or upstream processes.

Process Outcomes

The right hand side of the diagram shows what comes out of the process. It depicts the end-state, or exit conditions and the specific outcomes the process produces. It also enumerates the beneficiaries of the process - its customers, whether they are individuals or downstream processes.