About M-Files ®

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The Tribal Lore Vault is built on the powerful M-Files dynamic content management platform, taking advantage of its innovative capability to organize and manage information.

M-Files simplifies access to the knowledge your team needs through descriptive metadata, customizable views, and rich search capabilities.

Your teams can access the Tribal Lore Vault through a desktop client, mobile application, or via a web interface.

M-Files Capabilities

Intelligent document management

  • Simplified document creation from templates
  • Pre-population of document fields when linked to metadata
  • Document version control
  • Document check out / in for safe editing
  • Reduced document duplication
  • Document comments capture object and template feedback
Metadata properties

  • Attributes that thoroughly describe the object or document
  • Fully searchable
  • Establish relationships between objects
Task Assignments

  • Associated with objects and documents
  • Track completion
Rich search capability

  • Free-text searches on object metadata and document keywords
  • Complex criteria-based searches
Universal accessibility

  • Desktop client access
  • Web access
  • Native mobile applications
  • Offline access to specified documents
Dynamic views (saved searches)

  • Pre-defined views accessible by all users
  • Customizable individual views
Access control

  • Permissions based on the nature of the object or document
  • Additional permissions can be added by the user
Tribal Lore Screenshot - Backup Plan