Knowledge About Your Company

(Tribal Knowledge - who you are, what you offer, and how you market, sell, and deliver it)

Tribal Lore Screenshot - Process
Your organization

  • Hierarchical organizational structure built in
  • Organizational structure imported at onboarding
  • Employees mapped to their role in the organization
  • Relationships between the organization and knowledge documents
Your service portfolio

  • Hierarchical service portfolio built-in
  • Service portfolio imported at onboarding
  • Full visibility of the life cycle state of each service offering
  • Relationships between service offerings and knowledge documents
Your process inventory

  • Process documentation of all types: workflow, job aids, checklists
  • Full visibility of the lifecycle state of every process
  • AntFarm Service Blueprints are fully integrated

Knowledge About Your Customers

(who you sell to, what you know about them, and how you are serving them)

Your Customer list

  • Full inventory of customer companies and contacts
  • Establish provider ownership for account and service management
Customer engagement documentation

  • Sales Opportunities
  • Projects
  • Service Contracts
  • Relationships between customer engagements and knowledge documents
Profiles that describe the Customer's business and preferences

  • Business Overview
  • Locations and Sites
  • Vendor Relationships
  • Approvals & Escalations
  • Site-specific coordination, access, and shipping requirements
  • Change management policies
Tribal Lore Screenshot - Customer Overview

Knowledge About Your Vendors

(who you partner with, what you get from them, and how you work with them)

Tribal Lore Screenshot - Vendor Profile
Your Vendors and Suppliers

  • Full inventory of suppliers, vendors, and partners and their contacts
  • Establish provider ownership for vendor management
Profiles that capture the Vendor Relationship

  • Life cycle state of the supplier
  • Scope of the supplier relationship
  • Internal ownership of the supplier relationship
  • Agreements with the supplier
3rd Party Products and Services catalog

  • Lifecycle state of the product or service
  • Documented end-of-sales and end-of-support dates
  • Map 3rd party products and services to collateral, user guides, and technical documentation
Compliance with vendor mandates

  • Reseller agreement mandates for staffing, certifications, and internal procedures
  • Full visibility for compliance requirements
  • Detailed description of compliance elements
  • Full tracking for compliance status and expiration dates

Views (predefined searches)

Comprehensive set of Views to help you find knowledge quickly

  • Predefined searches of the object and document database
  • Based on perspective (sales, services) and context (service offering)
  • Cover all major aspects of the Tribal Vault
Tribal Lore Screenshot - Views example